these children are missing

Now’s a good point in the semester to find your missing children.

It’s likely that, for a variety of reasons, students who were formerly “all in” have stepped back their involvement in your college ministry. If you’re a small ministry, this is easily noticeable. (Although the danger, even then, is that we assume we’ll notice and then… don’t.) In any ministry that draws more people than you (the college minister) can talk to in a given week, you’re not likely to notice someone who’s around a lot less than they used to be.

But someone should have noticed, right? Small group leaders, friends, etc. And so now would be a good time to reach out to those students – whether that’s staff or student leaders doing the reaching. Not all their reasons for missing will be concerning; in fact, some might be exciting. But whatever the case, we’re charged to know the condition of our flocks. And seek the single sheep.

And if we don’t have a reliable way to figure out who’s slipped back, then that’s probably something to work on for the future.

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