wofford, rice, & fresno state: super bowl 50 and college ministry’s opportunity

Annually, I note the particular Super Bowl highlight college ministers (or at least nerds) should be intrigued by: the schools represented by this year’s starring squads.

Why care? Because it reminds us that college ministry can make a difference on lots of kinds of people, including some who may use their talents – whatever they are – on a national or world stage. Of course, we don’t aim only to impact the people who will play games between expensive commercials. But it’s still kinda reflective of the opportunity we have on campus, no?

This year, SB Nation helped me out and has a full list of the schools represented by the Super Bowl rosters. (The video at the top has no connection to the article.) They also write,

At the school level, Ohio State’s alone at the top with six [players in the Super Bowl]. Auburn (all on Carolina), Georgia Tech, and Tennessee tie for second with four each. Six schools have three players on one roster and none on the other; Florida’s three Broncos and Georgia’s three Panthers put some minor bragging rights on the line. (Keep reading here.)

Of course the SEC was well represented overall, including by the quarterbacks: Cam Newton attended Auburn, and Peyton Manning was a Tennessee man. Von Miller, Super Bowl MVP, is a Texas A&M Aggie (Whoop!). All in all, there were about 90 schools represented on those two rosters, including football powerhouses you’d expect (Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Alabama, etc.) but also a long tail of schools that wouldn’t be expected to produce NFL players with regularity.

Meanwhile, college ministers might also have had the chance to impact the national anthem’s singer, Lady Gaga, at NYU. Coldplay’s members (the halftime headliners) met at University College London. And Morehead State, the University of Houston, and the University of Michigan were likewise well-represented by announcers Phil Simms, Jim Nantz, and Tracy Wolfson, respectively.

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