productive is faithful

I think it’s easy in ministry to slip into “productivity for going-home’s sake”: The faster or more efficiently we can “do work,” the more time we’ll have for non-ministry.

(I know this doesn’t apply to all – plenty of college ministers are better understood as 24-7 campus missionaries. Still, this is something I’m learning.)

It’s good for me to realize that productivity is about being faithful, not just keeping my work-family-God worlds balanced. If I’m more productive, then I’m more effectively stewarding God’s call on my life and people’s trust in (and financial provision for) me. Listening to a productivity podcast, reading an efficiency book, or just spending time pondering some personal-system adjustments all take on a sort of spiritual discipline aspect, then, as we look to the Lord to shape our productivity through these and other means.

We shouldn’t just be looking for wisdom from many counselors for our ministry events, but for our ministry to-do lists, too. And we shouldn’t just seek to reflect God’s glory and impact best through excellence in the former, either.

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