two more edges to the super bowl

Starting yesterday, I’ve been applying my “exploring the edges” brainstorming method to Super Bowl parties, both as a specific opportunity as the big game approaches and an exercise in creativity for any events in college ministry (or any method at all, really). Yesterday, we explored the edges along the who-what-when axes. Today, two more.

stretching or shrinking the where

  • Could you hold the party in a BIGGER environment, one suitable for a whole lot of people?
  • Could you scatter the party/ies across several student houses or other locations?
  • Could you hold the party somewhere purposeful – like in a fairly public room on campus, or in a church you’re hoping to connect students to?
  • Could you jump in with someone else’s party – another college ministry, a club on campus, the school itself, etc.?

stretching or shrinking the why

  • Could you make this a purposeful event for inviting unsaved or unconnected friends to?
  • Could you use this event to unify with other college ministries?
  • Could you use this event to get around adults or families (e.g., at a local church)?
  • Could you make this event a “gift to the campus”?
  • Is it alright just to make this a great chance to fellowship within your ministry?
  • Is it okay if this is just a fun, relaxing hangout time?
  • Could you use this as a fundraiser for an upcoming mission trip, service project, or big cause (either a corporate one or connected to an individual in your ministry)?
  • Could this be a cool chance for the guys to serve the ladies?
  • Could this be a cool chance for the ladies to get with older women and serve the guys?
  • Could you use this to provide an additional sort of “kick off” to your semester, or introduce a new series, etc. (just like the TV networks do)?
  • Could your main focus simply be to teach your students how to develop community around gatherings?

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