exploring the edges of the super bowl

Yesterday I mentioned the need to grow students into community-builders, including seeing the opportunity in events like the Super Bowl.

If that is indeed your plan in a couple of Sundays – if you hope to throw a Super Bowl Bash, as it were – I thought I’d brainstorm that a little today. But even if you’re not Super Bowling, this method might just make you a better brainstormer.

I’ve called this method “Exploring the Edges” in the past, and it’s derived from Seth Godin’s “edgecraft.” (You’ll really, really want to read this post for context.) So let’s apply this method and see what zany – and purposeful – ideas come up for Super Bowl parties.

stretching or shrinking the who

  • What if you invited the whole campus to a Super Bowl party?
  • What if you targeted a particular area of campus, or a particular school at your college?
  • What if you or your students organized a bunch of smaller gatherings around the game?
  • Would the university let you organize an official school activity on their behalf?
  • What if you invited faculty and staff and their spouses?

stretching or shrinking the what

  • What if this watching party only kicked off regular watching parties to come?
  • What if you made it a dinner and a bigtime party, with lots of board games or “events” – not just snacks and watching the game?
  • What if you provided nothing and everybody just brought snacks?
  • What if you added a spiritual component, like at halftime? (This is an oldie but a goodie that Youth Groups use a lot.)
  • What if you let this just be focused on fun/community?
  • What if you crowd-rated the commercials?

stretching or shrinking the when

  • What if you offered a “Day of Super Bowling,” watching either game-related programming or some great movies/TV beforehand… and after? Or playing games? Or whatever? Sports-related movie marathon, anyone?
  • What if you recognized students’ apathy and just held a “Second Half of the Super Bowl” party?
  • What if you recognized students’ apathy and just held a “First Half of the Super Bowl with All the Good Commercials” party? (It’s not like you couldn’t let everybody stay for the second half…)

What about the Where and the Why? Check out tomorrow’s post.

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