super bowl plans?

In light of the teams for Super Bowl 50 getting finalized last night (led by former members of the Volunteer and Tiger tribes), I thought I’d refurbish my past call to action around the Super Bowl (and other big events). Tomorrow, some new brainstorming…

I know our church isn’t the only church that traditionally foregoes a Sunday evening service for Super Bowl Sunday. And I doubt we’re the only church that encourages its members to use that moment missionally, purposely hanging out with neighbors and others.

Plenty of college ministries use the same opportunity – getting together around the Super Bowl. Have you – or a student team – begun prepping that? Advertising today would carry with it the momentum of last night’s interesting games.

But hopefully this is something your ministry thinks about a lot. In general, are you either…

  • looking for opportunities to get students together (and invite lots of others)?
  • or raising up students who look for opportunities to reach out via events like this?

Soon enough, you (or your students) will have other chances to engage in this way – the Oscars and NCAA Basketball Tourney season are just around the corner. Either of these present opportunities to hang out with students – whether it’s an “all-in” moment like the Super Bowl or a (somewhat) smaller niche like the Oscars (where you might be surprised at how many students come just for the hangout factor).

And again, the alternative is probably even more exciting: raising up students who do this, in their own dorm rooms and their houses and on-campus, too.

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