the praying fridea

If you’re large enough that your ministry’s members might not know each other closely, what opportunities do students have to share what’s going on?

It’s a simple idea, but that’s (often) the point of the Frideas: Create a way for students to share prayer requests publicly.

At my church, this is an email list called “Click-and-Pray.” Yours could be a different setup – texting comes to mind. Yes, in most ministries these prayer request “blasts” would need to be curated /edited- but what a great opportunity for a new student leader with a pastoral bent.

The win here is not only for students to get to share their hearts, or even just for students to get to pray for each other – but I hope we haven’t lost how awesome that is! Another part of the win is that this connects your ministry relationally, prayer request by prayer request.

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