the unexpected challenges to staying radical for Christ

I read an excellent article by Sharon Hodde Miller yesterday that caught my attention because it mentioned Passion Conferences – which, like perhaps many of you – was pretty formative for me during my college years.

A fantastic read for your college students, her approach caught my attention bigtime:

As I grew up, I went through a holy winnowing of my motives. Not all of my dreams as a young college student were really about God. Some of the “glory” I dreamed of was my own. …

God stripped away a lot of that selfish ambition, but not all of the changes since I first went to Passion have been for the better. If I could sit down with my younger self—or the students attending Passion today—I’d tell them about some of the unexpected challenges to being “radical” as an adult. Being passionate for the long haul will probably look different than they think…

Read the whole article here (not sure how long it’ll be available).

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