It’s a new semester.

For college students, that’s a new reality – their schedule will be radically different. So will their geographies (where they end up on campus). As a result, there might be some new friendships. They may have added or dropped some involvements (hopefully not your ministry).

All that to say, you have to treat it in many ways like a new season, because it is. That includes recasting anything you “cast” in the first place:

  • Your vision for the ministry, with everybody
  • Your detailed vision for student leaders (and staff and volunteers)
  • An explanation of students’ “path of involvement” in your ministry (from front door to leadership)
  • Your expectations for student leaders
  • Your particular purposes for this semester, with everybody (including yourself)

Hopefully you’re sharing these things more than twice a year. But you’ve got to do it again, now.

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