make room! make room!

I hope in the coming semester you’ll make room for the things you’re absolutely best at.

This is, of course, assuming you have some control over your job responsibilities. You might not be the head staffer on your campus or in charge of setting your schedule, but I’m guessing you at least have room to maneuver a bit – or can talk to whomever is your overseer.

Your personality, strengths, and job duties intersect at some key points. Maybe even just one or two key points. But these are activities you accomplish best, you feel strengthened by, and that move the ball forward for your ministry in pretty significant ways. They’re the areas best left UNdelegated, and areas that must be prioritized or even scheduled. These are items you accomplish at the expense of other things you also enjoy doing or feel a “need” to do.

Are you getting those activities into your week, whatever it takes?

This is one of those episodes where I myself am hoping to do better at this. So I’m no expert. But I know that this is pretty important, and I know your ministry will be better off if you figure it out… or even if you take a few steps in that direction.

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