go small with your small groups (a fridea that could even start now)

What if each small group, ministry team, or other “segment” of your college ministry devoted itself to care and prayer for a segment of campus?

Like if the junior girls Bible study “adopted” the swim team, and the Greeting Team adopted a dorm on the north side? And so on…

Even if it only involved prayer, this could be an outstanding way to get your students invested in their campus. And there’s an enormous chance it wouldn’t just involve prayer, as God touches hearts within your members and they discover ways to act in ministry.

Your leaders of the various segments could begin – alone or in concert with their group – praying even now about what segment they might adopt. (Of course, you could also slice things up and “assign” them, especially if God’s already been revealing some potential niche outreaches. But I love the thought of them seeking the Lord, evaluating connections they might already have, and diving in to something they care about.)

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