laying foundations: facilitating an overflow

One of the most impactful statements I heard during my time in college was from Gregg Matte, founder and leader (at the time) of the enormous Breakaway Bible study: “Your ministry should be an overflow of your walk.”

The truth is (as he explained), it’s incredibly easy for us to get that backwards. There are times when we study the Bible, pray, etc., mostly because we’re leading… instead of leading from the deep reservoir of study, prayer, and other abiding we’ve already been doing.

If longtime ministers can fall into that trap, then certainly your student leaders can. So that’s one more opportunity to lay foundations for the coming semester (like I began talking about last week): Help your student leaders grow in the directions God is taking your ministry.

  • If next semester is bringing a new focus or curriculum to your small groups, how about encouraging your leaders to study and grow in that area now?
  • If you’ve got your message series (or at least your topics) ready, couldn’t your student leaders be studying those themes on their own?
  • If you plan to push forward with service, evangelism, international impact, or any other God-directed emphasis… why not have your leaders prepare their hearts, in personal devotion and study, for the next six weeks?

As God has led you, so you can lead your student leaders: Help them develop an “overflow,” so that when they lead, it’s coming from something God has already been doing in their own hearts.

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