just a taste (a fridea)

Today’s Fridea fits with this week’s discussion of foundation-laying for the coming semester, but it stands on its own, too. (Depends on how you use it.)

The Fridea? Develop “tastes” or previews of activities you’d like your students to pursue.

For example, how often do students get to see what happens in small groups without going to small groups? What if you were to preview the curriculum in your Large Group Meeting? Or break into table groups for a 10-minute (well-planned) discussion? Or shoot a video of highlights from a small group night, or a small group sharing about how valuable their own experience has been?

Like I said, this can work to lay foundations for your whole ministry, too. A “trailer” for the upcoming message series, or a “sneak peek” at a change around the corner could get people excited (or at least interested!).

There are creative ways to “preview” everything from Spring Retreat to Mission Trip to your new blog. But it may be even better when you can give a “taste” – an accurate, relevant piece of the experience that might just draw students to want more.

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