means of laying foundations: the spiritual stuff

In the last post, I encouraged you to consider laying foundations for the direction(s) God has revealed for next semester.

For instance, let’s say God has shown you next semester’s message series. How could foundations be laid, between now and January, for God to work even more powerfully through that teaching?

1. Get them studying. What if you provided a “preparation road map” students could use through the Christmas break? Reading certain Bible passages, meditating on specific truths, and even reading online articles and other “supplemental materials” could prepare students well for what you’ll be discussing.

2. Get their input. Another (sneaky?) way to get them thinking about the topic is to solicit input. Questions like, “What are the lies people tend to believe?” or “What are your biggest questions about dating?” create a sense of interactivity, provide you with some excellent fodder as you prepare messages, and (maybe most importantly) till the soil as students begin thinking about these things.

3. Get them praying. Nothing beats this. Get your students praying for their hearts, others’ hearts, and for new people who will be hearing these truths. Allow them to participate with God’s own “tilling of the soil” – it’s amazing how six or eight weeks of praying for an upcoming series could turn heads and hearts toward what’s coming.

Don’t miss this: While our example here is an upcoming message series, any of this could be used with other directions God has provided: the upcoming small group curriculum, a new service opportunity in the city, a new niche of students you’re hoping to reach, even a new focus on greeting newcomers. However God is leading you about next semester, students can likely be prepared spiritually.

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