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Where is God leading the ministry for next semester?

In college ministry, it’s easy to divide things into neat little categories (called semesters!) and not give a lot of thought to next semester while you’re still inside this one.

But surely God has given you some insight into directions you’re going? He’s moved within your group in certain ways recently, He’s given you and your staff particular insights about next steps, or He seems to be “up to something” on campus in a noticeable way.

So if that’s the case… As far as you do know what’s coming – even if it’s just bits and pieces – how are you preparing for those next steps?

This week, I’ll throw out some useful-for-early-December thoughts about how you can prepare your students, your team, and maybe even yourself for what’s to come (even if you can only paint “what’s to come” with pretty broad strokes right now).

But for now, the introspective Q remains: How are you laying foundations for what God has shown you about next semester?

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