students on student experience

The last couple of posts, I’ve looked at some unique opportunities for students to take the helm in your ministry – in ways we don’t often think about.

Clearly, students often form some sort of “greeting team” or otherwise work intentionally to make new (and even returning) students feel welcome.

But there’s also a type of college ministry hospitality that goes beyond working the “front lines” at Large Group Meeting. How much attention is paid to student experience overall – whether that’s a new student finding their way toward being truly “plugged in,” realizing student concerns or annoyances about the ministry, or working hard to always get better at hospitality in every facet of the ministry – including with students who have been there for years.

As you might imagine, this is where I take the turn and say: Students could be great at this. They’d need to be trusted, of course, but really delegating something this meaty would be a huge opportunity for a thoughtful, hospitable student or two. (Even figuring out what it means would be a growth opportunity for most student leaders and the ministry as a whole.)

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