student steps toward world-changing

This week I’m blogging about more chances to involve students in your ministry, in roles they might not typically be offered. And I guess I’m thinking about their particular generation, too, because the last post was on social media and today’s is on world-changing.

We all know that many Millennials hope to “change the world” – and do it by Friday if possible! So we need to disciple them on timetables and effort required, while not squashing that zeal or optimism.

So what’s a college minister to do? How about giving some of your trusted students free rein to explore new impact opportunities for your collegiate ministry?

Think about it: This could involve individual students working on their own, or a group working together. They spend a semester investigating “unreached” niches of students on campus, ways to impact the school itself, needs in the city, local non-profits, world causes your college ministry could get behind… whatever.

And if you put this together well – with coaching and debriefing along the way – they could learn so much about actually changing the world:

  • Thinking about the multitude of options
  • Letting God speak through people (like their fellow college ministry members) about where He’s already moving
  • Discerning what’s best next
  • Vetting opportunities
  • Building interest and consensus
  • Submitting to authority but also taking ownership

This “domain” is usually the purview of the college minister, yeah? But there’s no reason we can’t offer the same opportunity to students – doesn’t keep you from looking for new opportunities, too. And in the end, this could lead to your ministry’s next great impact (or three of them!).

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