on their social media game

This week, I thought I’d blog briefly on some student leader and/or student volunteer opportunities you might not regularly think about. Whether you’ve got a big college ministry or a small one, it’s likely you recognize the value of giving ownership to students.

So to kick us off…

Who mans your “official social media accounts,” including emails? Could students?

Many college ministries likely put students on some part of their social media, but that can extend even to answering basic inquiries via email, Facebook, and other venues. The comparison I’m thinking about is the senior pastor with an “executive assistant” who helps in this way and responds on the pastor’s behalf, but it doesn’t have to feel that high-falutin’, either.

This is simply the chance for students to help behind-the-scenes, answering messages from students (and probably parents and others), posting replies to social media reach-outs, and generally providing a winsome “face” – all while freeing you (the college minister) up for the things only you can do. This is an amazing chance for students to learn that work, too, which is both simple and something skilled; tact, balance, and detail are valuable communication skills, to be sure.

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