decisions in community

I’ve been posting some brief thoughts this week on raising up students to be wisdom-seekers, particularly (this week) by seeking “wisdom from many counselors.”

Another way to form this is through your small groups: Have you created small groups that are intimate enough to discuss big decisions with each other?

Certainly, this is one of those “college ministry poles“-type issues – there’s a wide spectrum of intimacy levels in small groups within collegiate ministry… from groups that truly “do life together,” sharing together deeply and “meddling” in various aspects of each other’s lives, to groups that serve mostly as “discussion groups” and don’t push deep accountability, etc.

I’m not claiming either pole – or anywhere on the spectrum in-between – is best. But for those who are interested, today I’m simply pointing out that one opportunity to train students to find “many counselors” in their wisdom-seeking is to encourage it in their small groups.

And even if your small groups themselves wouldn’t be the best venue to ask, “Should I date this girl?” or “Is this God’s best for me next summer?,” hopefully friendships are being built through small groups that would rise to this level.

(If that’s not happening somewhere, somehow in our ministry, then we probably should think about how to deepen those relationships, right?)

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