the panel method and driving the point home

This is nothing new.

But in light of the last post – about raising up students who seek wisdom – I thought I’d remind you:

A panel discussion can be a beautiful thing in college ministry.

Bringing together a bunch of adults, student leaders, or others who have “gone before” the bulk of your students doesn’t only allow them to get wisdom about a particular topic. It also urges them to “Get wisdom!,” showing them that a multitude of counselors can be an excellent thing.

At the end of your “panel discussion,” you could even drive that point home: “Just as we had a great time hearing the wisdom from these men and women, you should find “wisdom panels” for yourself all the time. Not just people who will agree with, or whom you’ll “bounce ideas off of.” But people who will truly think about your questions, not always agree with you, and even give you advice you don’t even know you’re asking for.”

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