raising up wisdom-seekers?

As you may remember, my wife and I are having a baby – any day now, actually. So it seemed pretty natural to me to reach out to a bunch of guys who’ve been through that experience – on church staff here and others I’m around – to ask for wisdom during the very particular “crunch time” of the hospital stay and few weeks following.

Maybe I’m just a collaborator.

In any case, I got back gold – ultimately pages after pages of wisdom, with a surprisingly small amount of overlap. Their wisdom will help me serve my wife well in all sorts of ways that I wouldn’t likely have figured out on my own.

This is one very specific method, but the purpose – seeking “wisdom from many counselors” (Prov. 11:14 and 15:22) – is a skill college students really should gain from their college ministers. Moving from an individualistic orientation to a “communal” orientation is vital in anyone’s spiritual life, and seeking wisdom… even about the “small” stuff… has to be a habit our collegians gain during their time in college.

Are you raising up people who seek wisdom from many counselors?

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