fellowship around fads

I don’t usually repeat ideas from the extremely recent past, but the rise of one particular “hobby” strikes along the same lines.

In May, I told you about a way some members of our church staff get closer:

[T]here’s a group of about twenty of us who watch the show Survivor – enough to be on an email chain to chat about episodes. A handful of the members – who actually include former staff members and staff spouses, too – have gotten together to watch a couple of episodes, as well. We each “have” one of the contestants to root for, which gives us trash-talking options, too.

As summer approached, my emphasis in that Fridea was creating “virtual fellowship” through something like this or a variety of other ways.

But within the semester, this sort of thing is obviously all the more available to us… and the crazy rise of “Daily Fantasy Sports” opens up another avenue for us.

Could you create new fellowship around sports, around a favorite TV show, around some other widely-enjoyed phenomenon? The “fantasy” or “office pool” models provide a way. Whether you create your own (which is often the way to go) or piggy-back on existing platforms out there, this is an enormous chance to build fellowship around something that students are already “in to.”

And here’s what I love most about this: As I noted back in May, this sort of thing provides “cross-fellowship” if your ministry is large. In our large church, I don’t interact with nearly everybody on staff every day or every week. The Survivor pool cross lots of team lines, since it’s people who like Survivor (and like games). In your ministry, the same thing could happen – people who hadn’t had a reason to interact before suddenly… do.


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