familiarize yourself

I hope your college ministry has a good relationship with the other college ministries on your campus. Obviously, that’s a big part of being a good neighbor and good part of the “campus tribe.”

It’s also important for you to recognize other ministries’ focuses, strengths, approach, and so on – because there will be times (there should be times) that you point students that way. But relationship is also built from knowledge and understanding, so having a working knowledge of those things will enhance your personal relationship with those other guys and gals leading college ministries.

So in that vein, I’d ask: How familiar are you with the doctrine of the other college ministries? It’s possible (and maybe even probable) for college ministers to be more familiar with the other things I mentioned – focuses, strengths, approach – than to understand the underlying assumptions and theologies of other college ministries.

Do you really know the stances on BIG IMPORTANT STUFF that those other ministries hold? Shouldn’t you? Not to disagree or conflict, but because these things matter?

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