don’t wait until the summer for better (a fridea)

I get excited thinking about college ministers and the mid-semester season. These few (too-short) weeks of rhythm often allow for catching up and (sort-of) resting up before Finals hits.

But one other thing that you can accomplish this fall is figuring out how to tweak things for the spring. When’s the last time you asked for mid-year feedback or brainstorming on any of your activities that were already working pretty well?

Take small groups for instance. What if you were to survey your students NOW about how they would improve small groups? What if you read a quick book or listened to a few podcasts NOW about best practices for small group ministry? Wouldn’t those sorts of steps over the next 2-3 weeks give you the opportunity to tweak for next semester, or even try a few new methods to see if they’d work? (You don’t even have to mess with present small groups – you could try out new methods with new groups.)

You could apply this brief effort to any part(s) of your ministry, but it might be best to focus on only one or two areas for this mid-year tune-up.

In any case, making changes for the spring has advantages: You have more momentum (and therefore more grace from students if things don’t work out). It does give you the chance to attempt things while you don’t have nearly as many brand-new students who are still weighing their involvement. And more than anything, it keeps you from delaying needed change.


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