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It’s very easy to stay pretty narrow in what we teach college students. After all, any student is probably only around for three or four years, and there are great “basics” that are vital for them to grasp in this time.

But it’s still important for us to weigh whether we’re covering all the “basics” we should. So here’s a handy way to think that through…

Make a list. Spend some time before the Lord, making a list of all the growth areas you’ve fought through yourself – including (and maybe especially) the ways you’ve needed to grow since college.

Maybe things you’ve learned through employment. If you’re married, I bet you found out you weren’t quite as equipped as you’d hoped. Things you learned from mistakes in your 20s, with integrity or friendships or time management or the numerous other things.

(Of course, it might help to have a few others in your life make the same list. They won’t be all the same… and they won’t be completely different, either.)

Ultimately, we can’t ensure a smooth path or grow our students perfectly – that’s not even our job. So yes, it’s most important to help set them up for a walk with the Lord for decades to come. But we can prepare them for life, too, and some of the temptations they’ll face and some of the needs they’ll have for those decades, too.

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