the niche discovery window is now

A brief note about something you can do now that you couldn’t do as easily at the beginning of the semester.

When’s the last time you exegeted the truly “unreached” portions of your campus? As the school year “rhythm” is now in place, it would be easy enough to ask your fellow college ministers which niches they’re reaching – from the individual dorms and parts of campus they’re reaching (geographic niches), to the fraternity houses or majors they’ve had impact within (affinity niches), to the other communities they’ve seen success with (athletes, gamers, student government, etc.). While you’re at it, be sure to ask the ministers what niches they feel aren’t being reached by anyone.

You can also work backwards, determining what – on your campus – the clear niches are, and then finding out who (if anyone) is reaching them.

Of course, students know more than even they realize, so be sure to ask them this question too.

Nothing of what you find requires that you launch a mission to that segment. But it’s sure worth asking the question, isn’t it?

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