how are you moving forward?

I started reading a new book last night – Daily Rituals – in hopes to improve my getting-it-done efforts on a variety of fronts (especially with a baby coming in 25 days or so). That’s on top of Switch and Making Ideas Happen, the latter of which certainly fits the same niche. Switch, meanwhile, provides clarity on better communication, and the Heath brothers are always a fun read.


That leads me to a question: How are you moving the ball forward in your personal ministry ability? It’s a simple question, and it’s almost too basic… but it’s also an easy one to skip over as we keep things running and perhaps occasionally look up long enough to “take new ground” as a ministry. But the third leg of your attention, I suppose, should be on you yourself and the improvements you can make as a leader (which, of course, makes the other two legs – running the ministry you have and increasing your ministry’s reach – more effective).

For some, picking up a book can accomplish a lot. For others, it’s a seminar or a brainstorm with a fellow college minister. Probably for many, it’s actually applying what you learned in a book or seminar or conversation from the past.

But mid-semester is really the best time to weigh such things, no? You actually have time to act on it (hopefully), and it provides great dividends.

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