a second front door (a fridea)

This may not be easy, but it is a Fridea that could yield surprising results.

Have you considered a second “front door” for your college ministry? I don’t necessarily mean creating a second instance of your present visitor-drawing activity (most likely a Large Group meeting). Although that’s one of the options – a different night, perhaps even a different place or a different style, certainly could draw some additional folks.

But a second front door doesn’t have to be as BIG, either. (Call it your doggie door maybe?) A scaled-down worship “moment.” A discussion group. A weekly lunch with students (a version of which is what Baptist Collegiate Ministries have done for decades). Something weekly or just monthly that new people might be willing to check out.

Before you skip this one, remember this: If you gave it a try, even with students completely leading, and it worked, you’d likely find a way to support it and keep it going, right?

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