one month ’til

I have a special motivation to get a lot done over the next month. I have a special motivation to pray like crazy. I have a special motivation to grow, as much as God wants to grow me.

One month from today, my daughter is due.

Obviously, I should always be industrious, prayerful, and growing. Deadlines (of daughters or otherwise) do provide extra motivation, but maybe they also provide a mirror for the urgency I should have a little more of, on a regular basis.

The same is true for your students. Some have easily-felt deadlines: graduation would be the biggie there. Many though, midway through their collegiate career, find it easy to coast.

So what are you doing to encourage your students to both long obedience and “urgent” obedience? How are you helping them see the need to avoid the procrastinate-cram cycle with their spiritual walk that they may very well use in academics?

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