more daytime! (a fridea)

These last couple of days, the Texas Rangers have been playing playoff games in the daytime. Which makes it a little trickier to watch or listen to. But I imagine workplaces all over Dallas-Fort Worth have been figuring out ways for their employees to indulge.

Which, strangely enough, leads me to this week’s Fridea.

Our students have a similarly nontraditional arrangement every day of the school year – classes with big gaps in-between, various start and stop times, some weekdays that might be class-free, and – whether we encourage it or not – moments when classes are skipped.

So what’s a college minister to do? Consider one or two more ways to engage students during the day.

On a blog that regularly encourages contextualization, this item too requires attending to the unique eccentricities of your situation. But I’ve long thought there were prime opportunities mid-day on many campuses, for those college ministers (or student teams) ready to take advantage of students with time to spare. From eating lunch with students to something more creative (“daily chapel,” anyone?), collegiate ministries have chances to engage regular attenders and their buddies and passerby-types as well.

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