adding “due diligence” to their zeal for next adventures

Continuing the series

Whether it’s a summertime adventure or a next step after graduation, college students can get really excited about just doing something. It might be an opportunity we’ve shared with them – missions, Christian camp, going on staff with a ministry, etc. It could be something “pretty normal”: an internship, for instance. Or it could be something rather out-of-the-blue that catches the fancy of our (sometimes fickle) students.

In any case, we’ve got to be willing to shepherd our students – at the risk of being party poopers – by helping them do their “due diligence” about the opportunities before them. It seems quite unfair but it’s also quite true: “The one who states his case first seems right…” (Prov. 18:17 ESV). Far too often students seem to jump at the first compelling opportunity that comes their way, regardless of how convincing it truly is.

Research, healthy skepticism, great questions, a willingness to back away when things remain “exciting but hazy” – these things and more, wrapped up in the term “due diligence” – are skills useful for a lifetime. If we guide our students in this direction, we’ll help them find their best opportunities now AND later.

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