parties without the party planning (a fridea)

With all this college football, the start of the NFL season, and some happy turns-of-events in baseball, it reminds me of the community-building opportunities when it comes to sports.

It’s likely students on your campus are watching at least one of the above, and having “watching parties” as a ministry isn’t very novel. But have you thought about “outsourcing” something these kinds of gatherings, but still making them an expected, regular event of your ministry?

This is yet another chance to delegate, and to delegate big: Find students to host regular events at their house – like watching the weekly game – and make it an calendar event.

For many of y’all, this may not even seem to qualify as an interesting or non-obvious idea. But I get the feeling that for many college ministers, it’s easier to think of planning something than it is to think about Who could plan this instead? But having a weekly expectation that “We always watch the game at Cole’s house” could be just as big a draw for regulars and new students alike – or potentially even moreso. (In other words, this could be another great front door.)

And you don’t have to plan a party.

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