ever a guest?

This time of year, you’re likely seeing a handful – or a horde – of new students come through your Large Group Meeting (or whatever your “front door” happens to be).

But here’s a question: When’s the last time YOU were a guest at a ministry function?

It’s easy for ministry leaders of all stripes to go weeks or years without experiencing the role of a first-timer. Thus we lose our ability to consider the guest’s point-of-view.

Sure, we can step back and do our best to examine the “guest relations” aspect of our ministry, and that’s great. But we’ll be far better at that if we occasionally put ourselves into situations where we remember what “guesthood” feels like. Personally.

For most of you, that’s going to mean visiting a church different from your own. Some of you might be able to pass as “collegiate,” in which case you could visit a college ministry somewhere, too. But the goal isn’t just to see something different; it’s to participate as a normal guest. So wherever it is, it has to be a place you blend in well enough.

Don’t assume you know a guest’s mindset unless you’ve been one recently. Take it from the guy who’s been a guest hundreds of times over!

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