quick thought (for students) as school starts #3

I’ve been sharing some topics I’d hope students would learn earlier rather than later…

Establish the habits

My pastor in high school used to say that the habits established in the first three weeks of college largely determine how the rest of college will go.

It’s true.

And that would apply to each school year and each semester, too, so this isn’t just an exhortation for freshmen. There’s an urgency toward beginning a routine of daily time with the Lord, finding (and participating in) accountability and other pieces of intentional community, plugging in to a church (beyond just attending), plugging in to your college ministry (also beyond just attending), and even habitually meeting people and building relationships (as I wrote last time).

Students often think they can start these habits after “things settle down.” But they’re wrong about the likelihood of that, and they’re wrong about how the semester will go. (Part of the “settling down” should be “settling in” to these habits as soon as possible.) If we can help students get started now, the habits are much more likely to be… habitual.

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