quick thought (for students) as school starts #2

This week, I’m looking at good “points of emphasis” for students even before your normal teaching gets underway. Use as needed!

Start by Sowing

I’m an introvert, as you may or may not know, so this is one I especially need to preach to myself as well.

It’s easy to slide into a new school year with one’s intentionality delayed, including a Christian student’s intentionality around connecting with other students. New dorm-mates, new classmates, new clubmates, new people in your college ministry, and other new acquaintances are all around. And yet many students “don’t get around” to thinking about building relationship until after they feel a little more settled.

Yet this is the prime time for meeting people, right? So even as classes are beginning, students need an exhortation to start sowing the seeds of relationship now. Meet people, remember names, even take notes (once you’ve walked away, probably!). And then begin to pray for those around you – the “donut” of seats around yours in class, the hallmates in the dorm or apartment, and so on.

This isn’t just for evangelism – though that’s a big piece. It’s to love others of all stripes. Christian students should be the friendliest on campus… even us introverts.

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