quick thought (for students) as school starts (#1)

Following a couple of weeks of quick thoughts for your work, I thought I’d follow with some – still brief – thoughts to share with your students. These likely won’t be “messages,” but more like a “tip” you’d share in your email or as part of a message. But through my own experience directly ministering to students and then years more of interacting with college ministers, you’ll see some principles, etc., that it’s probably good to proclaim ASAP.

And since everybody’s still getting things started, I’ll keep ’em short.

Guard Your Signature

Have you already warned your students – especially any freshmen you get around – to “guard their signature” in these early days of school?

The busyness of the semester isn’t a calculus curve, nicely sloping its way to gradually-more-busy. It’s got cliffs and chasms, but most everybody starts in a chasm. It feels natural and fun to start signing up, and freshmen especially don’t realize…

  • They’ll feel busier than they’ve ever felt in about 3 weeks
  • Interest and impact spread across several organizations isn’t very useful at all
  • They should be thinking about four years of impact
  • …so making those decisions slowly, if needed, isn’t a bad idea
  • The Bible is clear: Actual commitments can’t be broken (without the “commitment-holder” releasing you), so be sure you’re clear on what level of commitment is actually being asked for

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