quick thought as school starts (#6)

Besides being brief exhortations as schools begin, there’s no real theme here…

Let your purposes determine structure and methods, even when it’s messier.

If you know certain activities need leaders or certain students are ready to lead, add to your leadership team (even if it was formally established in May).

If your message series will work best as an 11-week series, don’t stretch it just to fill the semester.

If last year’s most-loved event doesn’t accomplish much anymore, drop it from the schedule.

If community is better established by offering small groups throughout the week (or all on one night!), try to do that.

If you need to discuss a particular campus (or world) issue, scrap your usual plans – or add a special teaching night.

Remember, you’ll be tempted to “lose the plot” all year long, trading your focus on purposes/outcomes for methods that have already been planned, are easier to accomplish, or are well-liked. Don’t let methods “wag the dog.”

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