quick thought as school starts (#3)

Another brief thought as school gets started (or starts soon):

If you teach your students about the inherent value of their vocation (and how to live it out as a Christian), you’ll probably be telling them something they’ve never heard before.

Besides evangelism in the classroom/workplace or donating skills outside of classroom/workplace, Evangelicals are usually pretty bad about discussing a Christian view of vocation. But there have been some recent efforts to change that (and some efforts that have been doing it all along, including in college ministry).

At this moment, though, if you do that, chances are you’ll be teaching students something they wouldn’t hear from any other college ministry on your campus, and didn’t hear from youth group or parents. Yet that’s how they’re going to be spending 40+ hours a week for the next 40+ years. If you can inject a robust theology and spirituality into that amount of time…

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