simply add a tribe (a fridea)

Usually I aim for pretty simple with my Frideas – practical things that could make a difference.

Today isn’t simple. Or practical. Nor does it make a lot of sense to bring up in the middle of August.

And yet it’s one of the most powerful opportunities for new college students to get reached.

What if this school year, you were to welcome students from another campus into your college ministry?

It’s rare for a large school not to have another college of some sort near it. That might be a community college, a tech school, a small liberal arts college, or something else. Maybe there are even a few. And if there are such schools near your campus, it’s likely that those schools are less “reached” for Jesus.

(Of course, some college ministers are already called to the smaller, the tougher, the less prestigious places. They’re some of my heroes.)

The truth is, this isn’t unheard of (and in fact, I feel like I’ve been hearing about it more) – college ministries that reach not only the biggest local campus, but also include the nearby community college or other school. What if you were to give that a try? It doesn’t have to start with much – just some advertising, really. Just invite those students to what you’re doing already. You can think about an outreach team for that campus, small groups, and other additions in the future. For now, just invite and welcome well.

You might be surprised by a very welcoming administration, too, as they care about student life and extracurricular involvement but have a tougher row to hoe.

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