fighting for longevity is fighting for your tribe

Earlier this week, I wrote about the value of longevity – in a college minister and in the college ministry as a whole. (See those posts here and here.)

So that opens up a principle that college ministers sometimes miss: Pushing for your own longevity is part of having an impact on the campus.

College ministry is still a field where job security is often minimal, and the axe comes either by the slow attrition of financial supporters or by the quick decision of a church or denomination’s financial committee. And while that’s generally attributable to an undervaluing (and misunderstanding) of our field within Christendom, each of us in the field bears some of the burden for not sharing our value and our story.

So again, the principle is meant to be freeing: It’s okay to spend some time working (in a balanced way) for the ability to keep moving forward with your mission.

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