long and same

I don’t know how you’re feeling about the new school year. I hope you’re excited.

I also don’t know how long you’ve been serving your particular campus. This might be Year One, or Two, or Ten, or Twenty.

But whatever you’re doing, I want to encourage you to take the long view. Be excited about the semesters already behind you, and look forward to many semesters ahead of you – at the same campus, if God sees fit to plant you there.

College ministry isn’t valued within Christendom like it should be. So that means that many college ministers don’t have the chance to build a “mission to a campus tribe” for the amount of time we’d hope.

But building the strongest college ministry possible often requires a long obedience in the same direction. It’s best when we achieve years of learning the culture, gaining trust, finding “people of peace” within the campus, learning the language (in a sense), and developing the mission. That’s why we might (and should) use the word “plant” to describe what we’re doing: We’re planting a campus ministry. Because it’s going to take root (over time), look dormant (over time), show a little sprout (over time), and bear fruit (over time).

This doesn’t always mean one college minister carries the mission the whole way. But for those in the trenches, be encouraged about what the future can hold with your long obedience.

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. Since there aren’t a lot of cheerleaders in college ministry, it’s often challenging to keep going and sometimes to even see the fruit of what we do.

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