are you making deliberate choices?

I had a fantastic time this weekend at the Campus for Christ conference, leading some whiteboard sessions and spending a bunch of time in direct consulting with individual ministers and teams. As always, it was a blast to be with men and women who are laboring among the campus tribes!

Of course, lots of great conversations arose from within the weekend, and I imagine I’ll be blogging on those topics for a little bit.

Your Deliberate Ministry

One of the themes that came up the most (especially when we discussed Large Group Meetings) was making sure our college ministry structures are built deliberately.

Here’s what I mean: There are oftentimes dozens of individual choices that go into your ministry methods, whether you realize it or not. Take choices with small groups for example: who leads them, one leader or multiple leaders?, time length of the gatherings, time length for each group to continue during the school year(s), size of group, whether every group does the same things or not, type of “curriculum,” commitment requirement/request for students, when groups meet during the week… and those are just the options that flow from my brain at this very moment.

But we often construct these major methods within our ministries without being deliberate about each specific choice. Largely, this happens because we may not even realize there is a choice. Other times, we just default in the planning process to a certain path, and the conveyor belt of campus ministry planning takes us merrily along.

Can some choices be made much more quickly than others? Absolutely! But the point here is that they should be made. Deliberately.

If I can speak, lead, or consult at your organization’s conference, just let me know!

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