get into that gap (a fridea)

I don’t know what the relationship looks like between college ministers on your campus. This Fridea isn’t really about that, though it can help that situation.

“Cooperation” isn’t usually on the forefront of our minds in August. This is the busy time, the crazy time, the hard-hitting time as we aim to recruit new students. If we have any strength or time or excitement left, it’s probably aimed toward returning students… not connecting with other college ministers.

But what if you simply started praying for the other college ministers during this season? You’ll have lots of reminders to pray for them, since you yourself will be facing the fire. Let that be your trigger – pray for your ministry, then pray for another guy.

Of course, you might want to reach out to them to ask how you can be praying. An email will suffice. Heck, you can even tell them you were challenged to do that on a college ministry blog.

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