earn credibility

Just a quick exhortation today, inspired by Seth Godin’s most recent post.

No matter how long you’ve been at this college ministry thing, now’s the time to remind yourself – once again – to be humble before this incoming class.

You don’t deserve to get their attention.

Your campus ministry’s activities aren’t necessarily better than the zillion other clubs on campus.

Students could find Jesus in another Christian organization. They could find Jesus in one of the secular organizations!

Freshmen also shouldn’t listen to you, not right off the bat. They might – because they do that sort of thing – but you should still act as though you need to earn their credibility. That’s not just smart recruitment, it’s hospitality.

We’ve got to humble ourselves before the Lord (and before the incoming freshmen). If he (and they) want to exalt us, they will. At the proper time.

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