recruiting the two degree students

Presumably, you’ll be recruiting campus-wide in about a month. And over the summer, you might already have had opportunities to take a broad approach to drawing students, through social media or at new student orientations.

But right now, there are likely students who aren’t simply part of the broad mass of the incoming class. These students know somebody – they’re only “two degrees of separation” from you, “friends of friends,” etc. And right here, in July, is a good time to introduce them to your ministry.

Here are some examples of these incoming students just a couple of degrees from yourself:

  • Friends of your current students. Have you commissioned your present students to recruit their younger friends from back home?
  • Students from your current students’ home churches, etc. Even if they’re not friends, this is a connection worth exploring.
  • Students from youth groups whose leaders you know. Are your acquaintances in Youth Ministry – including any youth ministers in your region and denomination – getting the word out about your campus ministry?
  • Incoming freshmen who grew up in town. You shouldn’t be waiting until August to welcome these students.
  • Students on campus early. How are you getting to know those who have already moved in, begun taking classes, etc.?
  • New freshmen whom your supporters know. If you’ve raised up Ministry Partners in a variety of places, are they helping you recruit?
  • New freshmen your overseers know. Are the staff members of your church or your regional directors sharing about your ministry? Have you helped give them tools/words to do that?

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