are you drawing a certain type of student… on purpose?

My wife and I spent a quick babymoon in New York City this weekend, and we got to chatting about the wide variety of churches even in that city. There’s quite the spectrum there, a bit of which we saw by attending Nelson Searcy’s Journey Church and comparing it to Tim Keller’s Redeemer Pres, which we had both visited in the past.

The common mantra – about differences in churches and differences in college ministries – is that different kinds of ministries draw different kinds of people. That makes sense.

But the question for us is this: Who is your ministry drawing? Are you drawing a certain type of student, predominantly? Are you student leaders similar to each other, or are they very different from each other?

And following on that query, the more important question is this: However homogeneous or diverse your ministry, would you say you’re building that kind of ministry on purpose?

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