two more elements to put out front (if you build them in)

Yesterday, I highlighted two web site elements worth including on your page – elements that won’t take a lot of effort to install.

Today, I’m posting two more elements that I stumbled upon in the recent “Secret Shopping the Sites” series. But these, while very worth putting on your college ministry web site, could require some effort to build. Still, it’s worth learning about methods from other ministries, right?

1. A Series without Prep Time! Until I ran across it on one Chi Alpha chapter site, I had forgotten that their national office publishes a yearlong podcast series on the Holy Spirit. Obviously, Chi Alpha (as a product of the Assemblies of God) has distinctive views on this area of theology. So it makes sense that they’d want to share those distinctives and the practical ramifications with their students – many of whom don’t have Assemblies backgrounds.

Clearly, every college ministry has distinctives. Whether it’s talking about the church your ministry is connected to, your denomination’s distinctive doctrines, or just your organization’s BIG IDEAS, you have some “pillars” that you wish all your students could learn. A static – but always available – podcast or video series can accomplish that very thing, while helping students feel assimilated as they learn.

2. Don’t Hide It Under a Bushel. On the Cru site at UCLA, service opportunities – one opportunity in town and one for the campus – are listed as part of their main activities, right on their front page. But sadly, that’s definitely more common to see on church web pages than on the sites of collegiate ministries.

In what ways are you calling students to serve their town or their campus? If this is something you’re doing, you should definitely include it upfront on the web and in your ads – students will be drawn to serving, and boldly advertising service highlights it as a value.

And if this isn’t something you’ve put into your ministry yet… maybe you’ve got some time to work on deciding which students you’ll ask to start it this fall?

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