when the world is reading (or whatever)

The world is abuzz about the new sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird (that was actually penned before it), Go Set a Watchman. (It comes out today.)

It makes me ponder how often we take advantage of these kinds of moments within our college ministries. Summer’s not a great time to think about this, potentially, but would you consider hosting a “book club” to talk about the novel this fall? Why wouldn’t we want to draw nonbelievers and others outside our ministries into a discussion of a book they’re intrigued by – including its spiritual connections? It’s an easy front door (at least for a certain type of student). Of course you want to be careful about “bait-and-switch,” but advertising that you’ll be discussing a book’s “moral, political, literary, and spiritual” themes won’t necessarily turn today’s students away, either.

I have no idea if Watchman is actually a good book for this. (You have the summer to read it if you’re interested.) But the method itself does get me excited. When we’ve got the chance to draw students in connection with something they’re already excited about, we should creatively consider taking the chance.

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