space for rolling with it

How likely is it that your college ministry will make some minor “shifts” between August and December?

Or the better question is, How much room will there be for making some adjustments between August and December?

There’s much to commend the practice of planning your semester ahead of time. Heck, plenty of college ministers plan their whole school year. From the teaching plans to the events, from each student leader who will serve to all the ministry teams they’ll lead, putting those things on paper lightens our thinking-load to do the work of the semester.

The problem is, it also makes it easier not to follow. It makes it harder to ask God about responding to the mission field before you. It means it’s tricky to notice trends in your ministry – who’s coming, what God’s up to, what’s happening on campus, etc. – and then respond to those – even if they comprise God’s invitation.

Of course, you can plan a lot of things and write down a lot of plans and still be flexible. Planning isn’t the problem. The problem is not creating space to re-plan, to re-think, to ask students and staff and campus members the kind of questions that will invite small (or big) adjustments.

We don’t always give ourselves space to “roll with it” – to respond semi-fluidly to the God Who Does Big Things in our midst.

For some ideas on what you might need to adjust for, click here.

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