just get together

Two things this week reminded me of the excitement of college ministers just getting together.

The first was a conversation with Cary McCall, who’s planning this August’s Campus for Christ Conference in Austin. I’m participating in a couple of ways: First, I’ll get the awesome chance to meet one-on-one (or “one-on-team”) with college ministers to brainstorm with them and answer questions about what I’ve learned from campus ministries around the country. Second, I’ll get to “emcee” some whiteboard sessions, helping the gathered college ministers to learn from each other.

I can’t wait. It was even fun brainstorming with Cary, and the thought of hanging out with a couple of hundred college ministers in a couple of months fired me up!

The second reminder this week came here at the Acton University gathering. (I’m only a few hours in, but it’s fairly fascinating.) I’ve run into a couple of college ministers here – as well as, surprisingly enough, a couple of guys I interviewed way back on the yearlong road trip. Meanwhile, those college minister conversations have involved some great moments of “talking shop” with guys in the field of collegiate ministry.

So. Much. Fun.

When’s the last time you got together with fellow college ministers outside your own ministry, with the chance to “talk shop”? This is far from the first time I’ve encouraged this. But summer seems to be the time it’s most possible – and honestly, when it might feel most profitable and most exciting, as a new year approaches and there’s still time to dream big… and tweak everything.

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